How to build a successful Talent

It’s so easy to recognize talents in others and
discount ours.

Often we don’t understand why we
can’t do the things our parents, siblings or friends
do. Each person has an inherent set of skills and
abilities. Even if some are similar, we use them in
our own way. Together, with our own set of skills,
we complement each other to make our families
and the world a better place.

Discover your talent
Search your creative, artistic and personal abilities.
Write down the things you can do or would like to
do. This will help you recognize which abilities
enhance which talents. If you need help, don’t be
afraid to ask family, friends or pray.

Develop your talent
Developing your talents takes time and effort very
similar to the way you learned to read, write and
walk. Don’t give up on yourself when you think
you’re not getting better. Some talents need more
effort than others. Even if your sister makes playing
the piano look simple, she likely spent hours
A family friend, shortly after graduating high school,
said she hated her piano lessons. She had to use
many skills, such as playing scales, understanding
rhythm and how it related to music, reading and
playing different notes for each finger and hand and
where to place her hands for ease of hitting the
correct notes. She tried everything she could think
of to get out of practicing. Her mother was insistent
and did not yield to her daughter’s pleas. Now she
is thankful for her piano playing talent. She loves
how the music sounds as her trained fingers play
the notes of her favorite songs.

Have faith in yourself
You are an individual. You, your present and future
family, friends, community and the world need your
talents. You can do it. Don’t be afraid to push
yourself past the, "I can’t." If you need to, call on
family or friends for help.
Many times I’ve reached what I thought was "it." I
couldn’t do any more. I’d reached my limit. Family
and friends encouraged me to move beyond "it."
Here’s a good example. In high school, my grades
on my essays and stories said I needed
improvement. And when I listened to the star of our
class, well, I knew I couldn’t write. I gave it up
before the skills were even developed. How could I
write as good as her or my favorite authors?

In my late 40s, I met an author’s group and they
asked me to write. They gave me constructive
ways to make the story better. I took a writing
course, and now I’m a freelance author and working
on a children’s picture book. I’ve discovered that I
love writing.

Learn the skills needed for your talent
Look for ways to learn about and develop your
talents. Sources can include books, movies,
lessons, songs, family member or friends. Don’t be
afraid to mix and match. Do all you can to be your
If you make mistakes, don’t give up. Mistakes
teach and help you and your talents grow. It’s like
an orchestra. Each instrument is important for the
full sound. If even one person is missing, the
audience will notice. You are that instrument. Learn
the skills needed so your talent will benefit

Practice so you can develop your talent
Be determined to gain control of your talent. Many
skills need repetition and may take hours, days,
weeks, months and even years of practice and
repetition before they’re ready.
One of the best examples of determination came
from our son. We were traveling to my parents-in-
law and stopped at a hotel for the night. Our son,
almost one, crawled to the bed, pulled himself up
and walked until he fell. He crawled back to the bed
and repeated the process many times until he was
walking. He didn’t cry or complain; he just kept

Use your talent by sharing
You’ve done it. Your talent is ready. Don’t hide it or
it will go away. Play that piece, sing and the world
will listen, listen and a soul will find peace, organize
that group and many will benefit. Share your talent.
You, your family, your community and the world will
be a better place because you did.


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