How to buy good gifts for a MAN

Buying gifts for the opposite sex is tricky
business. Ladies, does it ever seem like we
go above and beyond and still miss the
mark? Choosing the best gifts for the men in
your life may seem daunting,
but it’s possible
to overcome the struggle and find the perfect
present. Could it be that men and women
view gifts differently?
Sometimes it seems like men and women
are speaking different languages in terms of
what they want. Most loved ones–husbands,
boyfriends, fathers, and brothers– will
appreciate your effort no matter what, but
most of us really want to surprise and
impress the recipients of our efforts. We
spend time listening for clues about what he
might want. We guess and second guess
until frustration and time get the better of us.
One of the most common pitfalls for us as
women is that we try to figure out what the
men in our lives want based on what we
value in a gift. There will arguably be some
overlap between what men and women want
in gifts, but there are also a lot of cultural and
social norms tied to gender that affect the
way gifts are given and received.

Why men don’t need surprises like

When we think about giving gifts to men, we
think about the presents from our
perspective. Women are moved by a man’s
intentions and efforts regardless of the gift.
Men seem more interested in presents that
demonstrate your understanding of their
needs. They like practical gifts that contribute
to their personal and professional life.

When you start to panic about getting the
perfect gift, think about much of the gift-
giving process is for him and how much of it
is for you. It may make you happy to spend
hours on a project, but if he isn’t interested,
then the gift probably satisfies a need that
you have, not his.
Instead of wasting time planning an elaborate
surprise or spending months knitting him the
ultimate sweater, think about what he really
needs. Sure, he’ll appreciate your kindness,
but he might not appreciate it the same way
that you would appreciate it if he crocheted a
scarf for you.

5 mental notes to choose the perfect
gift for men

We tend to over complicate our gift-buying,
but it is possible to come up with an ideal gift
without going off the rails.

1. Understand his needs first. Are there
items that will help him enjoy his hobbies or
perform better at work? Does he want to try
to take his hobby in a new direction, and is
there something that facilitates that shift?

2. Don’t overthink it. Guys are pretty
straightforward when it comes to what they
want and need. They are probably not going
to analyze your gifts in the same way that
you deconstruct the meanings behind the
things he gives to you. You don’t have to
spend months making a collage of your life
together (unless he has expressed that he
really wants that). Sometimes less is more
3. Observe what they like to buy for
themselves. If your guy buys video games
on a regular basis, then get him something
related to gaming. When a man makes a
financial investment in his hobbies, you can
guarantee that he’ll appreciate a present
related to them.

4. Notice how they spend their time. Your
guy may not be the type who likes to spend
lots of money on a regular basis, but he has
to spend his time somewhere. Whether he’s
career oriented, sporty, or into cars, he’ll
probably wear his heart on his sleeve about
his interests.

5. Figure out what they need. You know what
piques his interest, and there are probably
things that he needs to take those interests to
the next level. If he likes something that you
don’t know much about, you can do some
basic research to learn more. You don’t have
to get him something that is way beyond your
level of understanding. You can make a safer
buying choice and still cater to his needs.

For example, my boyfriend loves
photography. I knew that he would appreciate
some camera gear because he spends his
spare cash and limited free time on taking
photos. I thought about getting him a new
lens, but they vary so much in price and
functionality that I didn’t feel comfortable
choosing one.

Instead of buying him a new lens, I did a bit
of research and found a nice tripod that
would work with his camera. He absolutely
loved it. It enabled him to practice new
photography techniques and make use of the
other gear that he already had. It didn’t take
tons of money or an inordinate amount of
time and photography experience to get him
a gift that he truly enjoyed.

For career oriented guys:

Consider the nature of the work that they
do. A doctor, a sales manager, and a
fitness trainer are going to have different
wants and needs.
Think about what will help him achieve
his career goals or become more
efficient. Does he complain about a
specific tool that he uses, and can you
find a nice replacement? Is there
something you could get him to help him
do his job more easily or quickly?
Imagine that your dad is an outstanding
carpenter. For years he handpicks the wood
that he uses for his work, and cuts and trims
them down himself. Maybe you notice that
one of his handsaws looks old and worn and
he complains that it doesn’t work as well as it
used to. Before you make a decision to get a
new one for him, figure out if he is looking to
replace it first. If he is, he probably has a
preference for a particular brand which he
finds is the most reliable. In fact, it’s very
likely he prefers exactly the same brand and
model that he’s replacing! Remember, men
don’t think like women.

For guys who have a particular
Think about what will help him enjoy his
hobby even more than he already does. We’ll
consider sports-oriented gifts here since
many men enjoy athletics.
What is going to help him achieve his
fitness goals? The body builder, the
distance runner, the yogi, and the
reformed couch potato are going to have
different needs. Are there things you can
buy that will help him eat well and get the
proper amount of exercise? Think about
things he might want to use at the gym.
A new towel, a protein shake bottle, a
water bottle, weights, a fitness tracker, or
information about a new workout routine
are good options. Even if he has some of
these things already, does it hurt to have
a spare towel or Blender Bottle?

For guys who have a specific
interest in cars, sneakers, or tech:
This category can be tricky because the guy
might know a lot more about these items
than you. It can also be tough if you aren’t
certain of his brand-preferences or what
types of things he has in his inventory. You
don’t have to be a tech geek, a sneaker
expert, or a car enthusiast to get him a great
Think about what he could use to take
care of the things that he loves. If he
loves cars, a nice car-cleaning kit could
be a good option.
With a little bit of research, you can find
some basic items with good reviews.
Simple is often times better if you feel
uncertain about the items in which he’s
A man with a passion for sneakers may tell
you that he has his heart set on shoes of a
specific brand, color, style, and size. If you
have enough information, by all means, get
him the shoes. If you’re really not sure, go
with a safe bet like a Jason Markk Sneaker
Cleaning Kit. The product comes highly
recommended by sneaker heads
everywhere, and he’s always going to be
able to use products to keep his shoes clean.

Gift-giving doesn’t have to be so
nerve-racking for you

Save yourself time and money by targeting
your purchases to reflect things that he really
wants or needs. Trust me, he’ll appreciate
small random gestures, but he’ll love getting
practical gifts even more. Think about how
gifts can benefit the men in your life in the
long-run. Do these items support interests or
fulfil a need? Is this something he would buy
for himself anyway if he could? If you can
say “yes” to both of these questions, you are
on the right track.
There’s no need to over complicate the
process with your own ideas about what you
would like to receive. You can get the men in
your life thoughtful gifts without getting
bogged down. When it comes to getting gifts
for men, keep it simple.


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