The greatest Mistake

Fear is a mistake.
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Continually being afraid of making a mistake is the Greatest Mistake you can make. Fear of making a mistake can prevent you from starting something that could be monumental. It could be exciting, profitable or fulfilling. It could be . . .  well, it could be anything.

But, if you don’t start it, because you have a fear of making a mistake, then that would be the greatest mistake of all, wouldn’t it?

Becoming successful, will involve making mistakes. It isn’t about the fact that you make mistakes, it is how you handle them when they happen. It matters that you make the mistakes and learn from them. It matters that you experience the cause of the mistake and know how NOT to make the same mistakes again.

Embrace mistakes as a way to learn, to grow and to have those experiences.  Continually fearing making a mistake will keep you from making many, but not from making the greatest mistake. You will have succeeded in that.


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